Cleands was founded with a motherly-nature and humble objective: to give a more thorough protection to my children without the use of any harmful chemicals. Some people may even call me paranoid in it, but mother being mother, the well being of my children matters the most.

As a mother of 3 young children, I take the wellbeing of my children very seriously, especially so with the comeback of influenza outbreak back in 2019. The outbreak strikes me deep and hard to the extent that I felt like I wasn’t doing enough in protecting my children, especially when 2 of my elder children were attending kindergarten at that time. I was giving them good foods & vitamins to boost up their immune system. Nevertheless, despite all-natural immunity effort, all I had in mind back then was still “What can I do to protect them further?”

The outbreak rang a bell to me that it was so easy for viruses to evolve and come back with a stronger and more contagious (yet resistant) strain; thus outrightly telling us all that any virus outbreak is not a joking matter where you can sweep it under your doormat and pretend everything is dandy. This is proven once again when the Influenza outbreak is backup by another comeuppance – COVID-19 global pandemic.

With COVID-19 pandemic knocking on our doors, any form of sanitizers and/or household cleaning products in the market was swept clean off their shelves. What consumers do not know was that a lot of these sanitizers and/or household cleaning products actually contain harmful chemicals, some even can cause long-term health damage even at the slightest usage amount. Putting effectiveness aside, these are the chemicals that manufacturers hide behind their closed laboratory doors, concealing the whole picture from the public knowledge; not until when the side effects hit. Even so, they easily brush it off with a sugar-coated excuse just so their business and reputation will not be affected by it.

We started Cleands to create an alternative.

When I found this formula that uses Ionized Nano Zinc as the base element, I was amazed at how
The ingredient has zero toxicity, contains no harsh chemicals (free of alcohol, chloride, paraben & preservatives) & food grade safe. Me and my team even went to the extent of sending the product for further laboratorial testing to testify on its effectiveness in germs eradication. The principle behind Cleands was simple, if the product is safe to be used even on delicate baby skin, it is also safe to be used on people across generations and even on people with sensitive skin (eg: eczema patients).

Our mission is simple. We believe that everyone deserved to be protected safely. To achieve this goal, we later on fortified it with the addition of calcium, magnesium, selenium and other essentially-found minerals in the human body; ensuring that all the ingredients are compatible, safe and effective in protecting all our precious little ones in the world without the use of any harsh chemicals.
In short, there’s nothing complicated about it. Good ingredients, better outcome.